The Company With Clear Values and Strict Adherence To Ethics

Values That Define Us

Our values are the foundation of our company. They define who and what we are and form the cornerstones of the past, present and future success of our company.

Our Values are tangible and are represented and lived out in every aspect of our company and in the way we do business.

Besten has identified nine core values as the foundation to our culture. All our action will be driven by these values.

Business Approach

We look at a project as an integrated, cohesive whole and strive to add value to the development of the project. We measure our success by our clients’ results.


Since our future depends squarely on the knowledge, skills, teamwork, ethical behaviour, candour, ingenuity and integrity of our people, we value these qualities highly.

Teaming up with Clients

Team spirit to us means teaming up with the client, to work efficiently with them and add value to the project. It also implies generosity, friendship, loyalty and transparency. It also means discretion, spontaneity and openness in relations.

Design Philosophy

Create & encourage a taste for innovation, alternative concepts, lateral thinking, undertaking challenges, taking risks and enjoying competing.

Work Environment

We strive to foster an atmosphere in which fair employment practices is extended to every member of the organisation. Besten as an organisation is flat and every member in the organisation stands on common ground. We nurture our people’s talents and help bring out their best qualities, provide guidance and opportunities to enable them to get the most out of their jobs and develop their careers to the full.

Commitment to Quality

To Besten, commitment to quality means Quality of thought, Quality of service, Quality of communication and Quality of our promises.


We are committed to provide our clients with the highest level of service by understanding their requirements, offering the right engineering solutions, and delivering our services within expected cost & time frames. Client satisfaction is the top priority of every employee and the purpose of every project.

Respect for the Individual

Respecting the independence of mind, judgement & action. Treating people as we would like to be treated ourselves.

Entrepreneurial spirit and energy

We build our company on the energy and enterprise of individuals and teams, expect and encourage everyone to show initiative and take responsibility, be innovative and forward thinking and to be at the leading edge.

We are proud of what we do, enjoy our achievements, but always strive to go further.

Glimpses of Few of Our Projects