Triton Valves Limited

About the Client: Triton Valves Limited is one of the oldest and the largest manufacturers of automotive tyre tube valves, valve cores and accessories for all sizes of vehicles in India.

Project: Revamping and Expansion of Manufacturing Facility.

Location of the Project: Belavadi Industrial Area, Mysore.

Land Area: 15 Acres

Total Built-up Area: 24000.00 Sq.Mtrs

About the Project: Triton Valves was looking to expand its production and business volume by at least two times within a one year timeframe. The target was to review and optimize the process, space, utilities, services and other infrastructure with the final outcome being increased production at optimised cost. Major overhaul of the entire site operations was envisaged since the site was about 35 years old.

Considering the complexity of requirements, Triton realised that they need the services of an engineering company who could deliver high added value on technical level and offer flexibility and versatility of solutions.

Triton appointed Besten to carryout Architectural Design, Detailed Engineering and to provide Construction Project Management Services for the proposed revamping and expansion project.

What followed was one of the best examples of thoughtful collaborative effort to produce a project of outstanding character.

The project team of Triton and Besten established project goals and strategized methods to achieve them from the very beginning, respecting and preserving the allocated budget.

The entire space allocation of the site was redefined, buildings and spaces which does not find synergy with the new scheme were demolished, new buildings were designed and constructed, traffic plan for the site found a total overhaul, boundary wall, parking and entrance gates were reconstructed as part of efforts in creating great synergies in the entire operation of the site.

The electrical and mechanical utilities went for a complete redesign. The utilities and services, which were scattered were brought in to one location and centralised. The underground utilities and cables were dug out completely and rerouted through overhead racks. The electrical system was brought under power management control system with individual metering for each section.

The entire manufacturing operation was set up according to the new layout as per the lean manufacturing model.

The project not only achieved the targeted production capacity, but also reserved enough space and infrastructure to cater for additional production capacity without any major additional investment on infrastructure.

The great success of the team work reflects in the fact that production was never stopped even for a day during the execution of this major revamping and expansion project.

Besten provided the following services for this project:
● Master Planning ● Infrastructure Design ● Architectural Design ● Structural Design ● MEP Design ● Detailed Engineering ● Plant Engineering ● Procurement Support and Tendering ● Construction Project Management ● Commissioning and Qualification of Utilities and Services ● Statutory Approval Drawings and Documentation for Local Authorities

Utilities and Services:
● Compressed Air ● Electrical System ● Effluent Treatment & Recycling ● Sewage Treatment & Recycling ● Solid Waste Management ● Fuel Handling Systems ● Rain Water Harvest System ● Water Treatment and Distribution System ● Fire Risk Management System ● Coolant Collection and Recycling ● Material Handling Systems

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