Substation & Switch Yard Design

Our design engineers work very closely with the client to fully understand the application and expectations before starting the design of any switchyard and substation project. Substations are designed in modular units with add-as-you-grow philosophy.

Our substation design team have high level of technical knowledge and experience to deliver leading edge concepts and solutions to substation and switchyard design projects. Our substation design team works closely with structural engineers to design suitable foundation design and structural loading calculation, deliver the entire design as one package.

Besten has acquired state of the art software, developed in-house tools and standards for substation design, grounding and bus arrangement like radial ring, paired elements, main and transfer, double bus double breaker system etc.

Our design team has the knowledge and experience in the application of energy storage systems, back to back shunt capacitor banks, phase shifting transformers etc.

Our substation design team has provided cost effective solutions for indoor/outdoor type consumer side substations for 11kV/33kV/66kV/110kV which is connected to the local power network through HT metering, HT beakers and control gear.

Key Deliverables of Besten:

● Conceptual design ● Electrical design ● Physical layout ● Detailed engineering drawings ● Equipment specification ● Earthing and lightning protection design ● Substation lighting system design ● Protection and metering diagrams ● Substation clearance diagrams ● Erection key diagrams ● Cable Routing & Cable Schedule ● Battery and LVAC system ● SCADA ● Control room layout

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