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Theoretically, a structure is a system of connected parts used to support a load, and structural design is the application of fixed and repetitive mathematical formulae. In practice, it is not as simple as it seems.

As projects are becoming more and more complex, the need for structural design and analysis professionals who can accurately compute deformation, internal forces and stresses of structures using sophisticated structural design software have become more relevant for the success of every project.

There are two types of codes which a structural design solution should satisfy: general building code and structural design code. Structural designers should have the experience and professional judgement necessary to satisfy the requirements of both local building codes and structural design codes.

Our structural design professionals have the required domain knowledge and adequate skills to plan, analyse, design, and research the most appropriate structural systems for the projects we undertake.

We are equipped with the latest software and advanced engineering practices to manage the repetitive yet complicated processes of advanced structural design and analysis to produce the best suitable structural systems for the project which are innovative, economical, efficient and most importantly practical.

Our Structural design and analysis team is capable of providing structural solutions to Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Institutional and Special Purpose Structures.

Our client base includes industries, design and builds contractors, architects, private developers, housing societies, engineering design companies, public and private enterprises etc.

Structural Engineering, Design, Analysis & Consulting solutions for Industrial, Commercial, Residential, Institutional and Special Purpose Structures.

Our advanced Structural Design and Analytical Services cover the following.

● Structural Analysis & Design ● Seismic Assessment & Rehabilitation ● Structural Steel Detailing ● Foundation System Design ● Stress & Failure Analysis ● Concrete Design & Analysis ● Structural Evaluation ● Steel Structure Design and Detailing ● Pre-Engineered Steel Building Design and Detailing ● Construction Detailing & Drawings ● Proof Checking & Advisory Services ● Steel Analysis & Steel Design ● Slip Form Structure Design

Our Structural Documentation Services shall cover the following.

● Soil report evaluation schedule ● Design calculations ● Construction Method Statements ● Foundation Layout and Schedule ● Structural Framing layout and details ● Bar Bending Schedule ● Steel erection layout ● Roof truss shop drawings and erection drawings ● Shop drawings, Part numbers, BOM and erection drawings for steel structures ● Connection drawings and blown up details ● Quantity Estimation ● As Built Drawings

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