Stock Condition Surveys

Stock condition surveys are carried out as part of the asset management strategy, to assess the condition of the property and predict the requirements of funds for long term sustainability of the asset, future investments, repair and maintenance programmes etc. It is the most comprehensive information about the asset.

The extent and details of the survey depends upon the survey brief provided by the client. If the property owners do not have adequate information about the asset, it is recommended to carry out 100% survey of the stock.

Stock condition survey in combination with past cyclical maintenance history is used to decide on joinery replacement, sanitary fittings replacement, up gradation of fire risk and security management system, up gradation of mechanical utilities, electrical rewiring, water proofing, structural revamping, external environmental improvement works etc.

Besten have carried out several stock conditions surveys for varied clients such as housing societies, asset management companies, large property owners, commercial complexes, industries, IT parks, airports etc.

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