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Choosing a site can make or break a project. Therefore, selecting the right site is of prime importance and the best defence against costly mistakes.

Most people think that a site is required before selecting the Engineering Design Consultant. In fact what you require is a project idea and the basic design brief before you start the process of selecting the Engineering Design Consultant.

A well planned and structured approach to site selection is required as each site offers several opportunities, challenges and constraints due to the existence of several variables. Hence it is important for the clients to appoint the Design Consultant before the site is selected to enable the selection of the best site for the project.

Besten spends considerable time and effort to evaluate the limits and requirements of each site under consideration.

Besten provides pre-acquisition site analysis services to the clients to examine the sites while purchase process is underway and submits one comprehensive report. Site selection criteria are normally tailor made for different type and size of projects, but is generally influenced by the following factors:

Economic Criteria: Site accessibility, acceptable land costs, manageable development costs, ability to support all project components, cost of land conversion and cost of obtaining local permits.

Physiographical Criteria: Topography, soil conditions, water table, vegetation, drainage facilities, wildlife, size and shape of property.

Site Governance Criteria: Regulatory restrictions, expansion capability, local codes & permits, current and future zoning plans and availability of public utilities.

Off-site Criteria: Traffic, Noise, Neighbourhood activities, visibility and visual quality, odours, dust and environmental considerations.

Key deliverables from Besten at the end of this stage shall be Site Analysis and Suitability Study Document along with recommendations drawings and photographs.

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