Schematic Design

The purpose of the schematic design is to review the conceptual deigns & create a detailed program, in order to arrive at a clearly defined, feasible concept after exploring alternative design solutions.

It defines general scope of the project and preferred development strategy, describes major functional aspects, engineering requirements, basic details of building envelope, proposed interior and exterior wall materials and finishes, joinery details, daylight and wall light features, preliminary details of civil, electrical and mechanical engineering design & structural elements.

Key deliverables of Besten at this stage includes drawings and documents with other narrative materials to convey the necessary information to define the general scope, area details and their functional relationships, traffic flow, project quality definition, budget and schedule in sufficient detail to convey clear and comprehensive information of the design intent.

Schematic design phase calls for approximately 20% of the design and provide clear directions and sufficient information to allow a reviewer to fully understand the main design concepts and cost.

Other Pre-Design Services

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