Schedule of Condition Surveys

Commercial and industrial property leases usually stipulate that the tenant is responsible for the maintenance and reinstatement of the property to the original condition at the end of a tenancy; hence it is vital to fully understand the existing condition of the property and the potential liabilities before signing the lease.

Schedule of condition surveys are carried out to provide detailed record of the condition of a property together with advice concerning issues which might need attention prior to the commencement of commercial and industrial property lease.

The purpose of the report is to protect both owners and tenants from future claims in respect of reinstatement responsibility at the termination of lease.

Schedule of conditions surveys are also carried out when property acquisitions are being considered or to document the condition of certain portion of the property or adjoining properties that may be affected due to proposed construction prior to commencement of works.

Besten provides specialised condition survey services to commercial and industrial properties. Our services are aimed at property owners, tenants, portfolio managers, estate managers and facility managers.

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