Water Management, Rainwater Harvesting & Erosion Control Works

Water is a precious natural resource which is taken for granted most of the time, both by designers and stake holders. As the water is getting more and more polluted, expensive and scarce, there is a need to rethink and rework the very essentials of water management system of each project.

Modern projects are facing higher and higher water challenges in terms of operating costs, regulatory compliances and sustainability making it imperative to plan, manage and preserve water not only for a better tomorrow but also for today’s survival.

Water conservation, water management and rainwater harvesting has been one of the prime area of focus for the projects designed by us. We realize the need to preserve the natural resources especially water, and have implemented rainwater harvesting systems, ground water recharge system, water recycling and reuse systems using varied technologies.

We have provided water management, erosion control, flood control and rain water harvesting consultancy to a large number industries, private developers, housing societies, farmers, educational institutions, NGOs and Government departments as a standalone service.

Design of Rain Water Harvesting Systems, Water Storage and Water Recycling Systems

We provide consultancy services for rainwater harvesting system starting from collecting vital details like ground water aquifer investigation and average rainfall calculation to technical data analysis, technical feasibility studies, location analysis, planning, designing, implementation and completion.

Our water management consultancy services can help reduce water expenses and solve water problems. For successful and accurate results of rainwater harvest systems each site needs be investigated and site specific systems optimal to a situation need to be designed and implemented. Not just solutions that ‘worked last time’.

We also provide design and consultancy services for flooding risk assessments, erosion control measures, water storage and water recycling systems.

Our Water Management & Rain Water Harvesting & Erosion Control Consultancy Services cover the following:

Rain Water Harvesting Systems ● Erosion Control Plans ● Retention ponds ● Detention Ponds ● Drainage and Flood Control Systems ● I-Walls ● T-walls ● Dyke walls ● Earthen Levees ● Structural Levees ● Water Resources Development ● Water Well Design ● Above & Below Ground Storage Tank Design ● Pumping Stations ● Water Distribution Systems ● Recycling of Treated Water for Non-Potable Applications

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