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Welcome to the world of BESTEN – a team of highly qualified Industrial Architects and Consultants in Pune

Any project requires in-depth planning. From putting in hours of understanding in preparing project goals to making a road map to achieve it involves a lot of expertise. In an industrial project, the Consultant and the Client have to brainstorm and create a solution. This not only helps in meeting the project expectations, but also removes the bottlenecks that they anticipate. Therefore, the involvement of Architect, a Structural Engineer, a MEP Engineer in the project plays a pivotal role. They have to put all the project requirements in the design and develop a solution. These solutions should be cost-effective, flexible to future business needs, aesthetic and efficient. We are a specialist team of Industrial Architects and Consultants in Pune.

At Besten, our team of Architects & Engineers for Industrial Projects in Pune works collaboratively with the client’s team to provide the design solution. In addition, the design goes through many iterations with the project team critically going through each and every aspect of the project. Our multi-faceted team uses their expertise and knowledge to make the most challenging projects into a creative journey. Moreover, they help to develop a unique solution that is within the parameters of the project. Above all, all designs that come from our design desk are earth-friendly and creative inputs from our team that help sustainability and reduce Carbon footprint. Read more

In effect, we are a critical component for the success of your project.

We are BESTEN.

Glimpses of Few of Our Projects