Modern-day projects, with ever-increasing sophistication, presents bigger challenges for the public health engineering teams to design more efficient facilities. A well-designed water and wastewater system should reduce water and energy cost and is essential for a successful, healthy and sustainable project.

According to the latest survey, 40% of the estate management companies claim that the problems arising out of plumbing system failures are one of their major challenges. Another major challenge faced by them is in getting water in adequate quantity and desirable quality for day-to-day operations and handling stormwater during the rainy season.

We are a Public Health Engineering Consultant firm, Chennai based, specializing in sustainable water management systems.

Our engineering system design with the “Holistic Project Approach” improves water efficiency, reduces pollution loads, promote rainwater harvesting, and encourage waste management.

Our multidisciplinary team is constantly looking at new and innovative methods to save water and develop well-equipped systems that detect, control, evaluate and manage environmental factors. Our public health engineers carry out water studies, provide assessments, and design high-performing systems to meet the specific requirements of the projects. We understand that good public health engineering in industrial companies keeps a check on the injuries and illnesses that the staff encounter.

We provide Public Health Engineering Services that are environmentally conscious and budget friendly.

As designers, we have the knowledge, skills and the experience to combine ancient and new technologies to offer naturalistic solutions for greywater treatment, sewage treatment and rainwater harvest systems. Our detailed supervision during the entire process ensures that the air and water pollution is kept to a minimum while providing economic and environmental solutions.

Our expertise in the Plumbing and Sanitation Design includes the following;

● Domestic Plumbing System Design ● Water Supply System Design ● Domestic Waste and Vent System Design ● Commercial Waste & Vent System design ● Storm Water Handling System Design ● Storm Water Pre-Treatment System ● Commercial Plumbing System Design ● Sewage Lift Station Design ● Rainwater Harvesting System ● Injection Wells Design for Rainwater Harvesting ● Power and Chemical less Sewage Treatment Plant Design ● Baffled Reactor Design for Sewage Treatment ● Planted Gravel Filter Treatment Design for Grey Water ● Treated Water Handling Systems ● Solid Waste Management System Design

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