Mechanical Utilities Design

Our clients from the Industrial Manufacturing Sector does not have to look for any other consultant when it comes to designing the Mechanical Utilities and Services for the industries we design.

Our Mechanical Design team have the core domain knowledge and experience to provide designs that achieve more than the expressed system performance goals of the clients.

Our team has the experience of to design the most economical, reliable and most energy efficient Mechanical Utilities Services to create high performance environments, promote productivity and sustainability.

Typically our Mechanical Utilities & Services Design include the following,

● Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning Systems (HVAC): Cooling and Heating load Calculations ● High and Low Side Design ● Chiller Plants ● Central Plants ● Air Handling Units ● Exhaust Systems ● Industrial Ventilation Systems ● Direct Digital Control Systems ● VRF Systems ● Outside Air Pre-treatment and Dehumidification ● Lab Fume Hood Systems ● Heat Recovery Systems ● Hot Water Systems ● Ice Bank Systems ● Ducting and Piping Design ● Computer Room In-Rack AC Systems

●Process Heating & Cooling: Steam Boilers ● Steam Distribution Systems ● Condensate Recovery Systems ● Hot Oil (Thermic Fluid) Systems ● Solar Thermal Systems ● Energy Recovery ● Chilled Water Based Process Cooling Systems ● Glycol and Brine based process Cooling Systems.

● Piping: Pumping Systems ● Process Piping ● Utility & Services Piping ● Water Piping ● Gas Piping ● Piping Network Analysis & Design ● Hydraulic Flow Analysis ● Line Sizing ● Pipe Specification ● Piping Layout ● Pipe Support Design ● Stress Analysis ● Instrumentation & Controls ● Underground Piping ● Utility & Process Piping ● Heat / Steam Tracing ● P&ID Generation and Updating

● Fuel Handling: Storage and handling system for Diesel, Furnace Oil, LPG etc.

● Fire Risk Management Systems Design(FRMS): ● Hydrant Systems Design ● Standpipe Design ● Fire Pump System Design ● Sprinkler System Design ● Water Supply Analysis ● Occupancy & Fire Hazard Analysis ● High Expansion Foam System Design ● Smoke Management System design ● Fire Alarm System Design ● Fire Suppression Systems Design

● Environmental Engineering: 
Air & Water Pollution Control System ● Hazardous Material Storage Facilities ● Industrial Waste Treatment ● Sewage Treatment ● Water & Wastewater Treatment & Recycling ● Pollution Prevention System Design ● Regulatory Compliance Plans ● Solid Waste Management

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