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We are a full-service Industrial Architecture firm based in Kochi, known for our high-quality designs.

At Besten Engineers & Consultants, Architects, Engineers, Designer, Planners and Project Managers work hand in hand with you to match our plans with your vision.

We are a team of highly skilled, experienced and dedicated professionals who are focused on providing you with world-class architecture. Our services include design, detailed engineering, procurement support, construction project management and post-occupancy evaluation service. Our diverse portfolio and team have a wide arsenal of knowledge, experience and resources to help provide our clients with design solutions that strengthen their brand and identity.

Our approach towards providing a holistic design solution is in understanding the client’s idea, working out the details and assessing the alternatives and their impacts. We believe in designing solutions that are aesthetically powerful, innovative, eco-friendly and efficient.

Besten is an Industrial Architecture firm providing cost-effective designs for commercial and industrial projects.

Our expertise in providing sustainable, modern and effective solutions for commercial and industrial projects – in Distribution & Logistics, Energy & Waste, Transport, Manufacturing and the Food & Drink industry – makes us the world’s best architects.

We are constantly improving ourselves – by analysing our past solutions, sharing our experiences and skills. We work on our skills on a regular basis to come up with new ideas that stable, durable and elegant. Besten’s integrated teams work closely with clients, collaborators and professionals from different industries to provide holistic and contemporary solutions.

Our modern yet cost-effective approach to designing warehouses and power plants sets us apart. Our precise construction project management skills, experience and project management software ensure timely and cost-effective implementation of Industrial and Infrastructure Projects.

Our belief in every project being different and every situation, an opportunity to be creative makes us committed to providing our clients with, effective and standout designs for each project. Ours is a full-service architecture firm, active in professional organizations and research to stay connected to the evolving challenges of the world and in the industry.

We work to make a real difference to the world and delight our clients with our innovative solutions. We strive to stretch the boundaries of what is possible and to constantly be mindful of the environment. We believe that the built environment can change the lives of people and make the world a better place to live in. We are true to our principles and we use our skills to make a positive impact on the world through our designs.

We are Besten.

Glimpses of Few of Our Projects