Integrated Master Scheduling & Planning
The Forecast of Time & Budget For An Iconic Project

All projects, big and small, require firm deadlines to be met with significant implications on cost if they are missed. Hence planning and scheduling of the project needs to be carried out from the very initial phase of design development. In fact, Besten initiates planning and scheduling in parallel to the design development of the project.

As part of the initial project development, Besten shall prepare and submit to the client, an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS) of the project. The IMS inter-relates all tasks on a common time scale which will include Design and Engineering Schedule, Permitting Time Frames, Budget Review Schedules, Owner Action Schedules, Procurement Schedule and Implementation Schedule.

The IMS shall merge cost and technical data of the project to help take key go-ahead decisions and control various project activities to obtain optimum project performance. Moreover, the IMS helps keep cost under control and allows operating within budget.

During the lifecycle of the project, actual progress shall be frequently compared with the original IMS.

Like design development, planning and scheduling is also an iterative process. As the design stage progresses to detailing stage, the detailed plan shall also be evolved from the IMS.

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