Commercial Services

Besten assist commercial and industrial property owners by carrying out survey during acquisition, occupation and disposal of the property.

We provide detailed industrial property survey reports to our clients to give a comprehensive knowledge of the property, highlighting the condition of all key elements of building fabric, electrical and mechanical utilities etc, providing in-depth understanding of the current condition of the property as well as its suitability for intended usage.

Our survey report will quantify the current and future costs, highlight the key issues, and allow for better development and/or maintenance planning considering the current and intended usage of the property.

This ultimately quantifies current and future costs allowing for better planning, considering the specific life expectancies of the various elements associated with the property.

For clients who intend to sell or purchase a commercial or industrial units, our industrial property survey report can assist in taking informed decisions during purchase/disposal process.

Acting on behalf of our clients, we carry out the following industrial property surveys

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