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We are an Industrial Architecture firm, based in Hyderabad, known for our cost-effective and high-quality designs.

Besten is a team of Architects, Engineers, Designers, Planners and Project Managers providing Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement Support, Construction Project Management and Post Occupancy Evaluation Services for Industrial and Infrastructure Projects. As a leading engineering and consultants firm, we handle challenging projects throughout India and abroad.

Our knowledge, resources and vast experience in commercial and industrial projects aid us in solving our clients’ challenges – turning their exciting ideas into workable reality. We approach solutions by assessing alternatives, understanding the impacts of the alternatives and providing a holistic design solution for the client’s vision.

Our Industrial Architecture firm has a varied portfolio with experience in Distribution & Logistics, Energy & Waste, Transport, Manufacturing, Food & Drink.

We believe in finding a comprehensive solution, rich in design, aesthetically powerful and environmentally responsible. As an engineering firm that is future-focused, Besten strives for innovation and cutting-edge solutions. Our expertise in considering extreme conditions and threats while designing solutions makes us achieve a higher performance level and makes us the world’s best architects.

Our team constantly updates itself with the latest technology and trends in the industry. We share our experiences, analyze our past solutions and hone our skills to improve ourselves on a regular basis and to come up with new ideas that stable, durable and elegant. Besten‘s integrated teams work closely with clients, collaborators and professionals from different industries to provide holistic solutions which are contemporary. Our firm is active in professional organizations and research to stay connected to the evolving challenges of the world.

Our contemporary designs are proof of our innovative yet pragmatic team that understands the limitations of regulations, budgets and building codes and designs an efficient solution. We are experts in designing modern, unique and sustainable designs for warehouse and power plants.

We are a full-service architecture firm with the belief that good design is socially responsible and environmentally conscious. Our team of creative professionals strongly stand by the idea that cost-effective construction should not compromise the quality of design. Therefore, we are known for delivering successful projects that are inventive and help strengthen our clients’ identity and brand

We work to make a real difference to the world and delight our clients with our innovative solutions. We strive to stretch the boundaries of what is possible and to constantly be mindful of the environment. We believe that the built environment can change the lives of people and make the world a better place to live in. We are true to our principles and we use our skills to make a positive impact on the world through our designs.

We are Besten.

Glimpses of Few of Our Projects