Fire protection strategies should protect human resources as a whole and a part or the entire building as well as minimise the interruption in normal business and promote speedy recovery from a fire.

Our Fire Safety Engineering Consultants, based in Chennai, design high quality, cost-effective fire protection systems.

We provide our clients with fire protection engineering design which includes a detailed hazard and risk analysis and design of the fire protection systems in all types of buildings.

Our integrated team of experienced and knowledgeable fire protection engineers and design safety consultants look at multiple ways to protect the building and provide safety for life. We research and identify appropriate fire safety requirements that are tailored to the needs of the project. The comprehensive design divides the building into fire and smoke zones and integrates the various building systems into a holistic fire protection and life safety package.

Our multi-disciplinary team looks at the flammability characteristics of building materials and structural tolerances while demarcating the escape routes. Our skilled and dedicated staff keep themselves in touch with the newest technology and materials in the fire safety industry. We understand the importance of fire safety measures and our team goes beyond the minimum requirements in the local building codes to ensure that your project is safe.

We provide Fire Protection Design Services in the form of Passive and active fire protection.

We look at fire detection and suppression systems when we plan the fire protection services for your project. We design Industrial Fire Protection systems; conduct Industrial Audits and also provide fire safety consultation for architects.

Broadly our Fire Protection Engineering Design Services include the following,

● Fire Pump System Design ● Hydrant System Design ● Standpipe System Design ● Sprinkler System Design ● Water Supply Analysis ● Fire Alarm System Design ● Smoke Management System Design ● Fire Suppression Systems ● Special Suppression Systems ● High Expansion Foam System Design ● Code Consulting ● Occupancy & Fire Hazard Analysis ● Fire Risk Assessment ● Fire and Life Safety Consulting ● Structural Fire Engineering ● System Failure analysis ● Plan Review Services

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