1. Who is BESTEN?


BESTEN is an Integrated Industrial Design company founded by people who have years of experience in putting up Industrial projects. BESTEN was started to fill the lacuna for good consultants in Industrial design. We have built this company slowly and painstakingly, without compromising the ethics and the values that we stand for.


  1. How project team selection happens in BESTEN?


The project team is created based on the type of the project, its requirements and time frame necessary for the project. A Project Coordinator who invariably has previous experience in a similar project shall be allocated. He is responsible for all the deliverables. A Senior Consultant who shall be the project owner from our end.


  1. Do you take up residential projects?


No. We specialize in industrial projects and we take projects only from the Manufacturing sector. Currently, we don’t undertake Residential, Institutional, Hospitality & IT projects.


  1. What are the geographical locations served by BESTEN?


BESTEN serves Clients Pan India. Since we are in a digital world, distance is not a concern. Initially, our entire project team sits with all the stakeholders of the project and get all the inputs in one go. The detailed designing is subsequently done at one of our design centre.


  1. Does BESTEN help in commercial negotiation for vendors of a project?


We believe that the commercial discussion is a Client’s prerogative. The Client can rely on us to provide technical support, if necessary.


  1. What are the types of industries served by BESTEN?


As the process related inputs are provided by the Client, the product manufactured by the client is not a criteria while taking up a project. We have been designing projects from various industries which includes:


  • Automobile components
  • Engineering Industries
  • Food Processing
  • Electronics
  • FMCG
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical Industry
  • Paints

and more…


  1. How much does BESTEN charge for designing a factory?


Our fees entirely depends on the services requested by the client. Without proper understanding of the project requirements, providing a fee structure would be difficult.


Glimpses of Few of Our Projects