Frequently Asked Questions

What is the background of the promoters of Besten?

Besten has been founded by people who have years of experience in putting up projects in various industries. They have built up this company slowly and painstakingly. Besten focuses on ethics, and the values are not compromised.

How is the team of a project selected?

A team for the project is decided based on the type, requirements, and time frame of the project. The Project Co-ordinator invariably has previous experience in a similar project and responsible for all the deliverables. Each project is headed by a Senior Consultant.

What are the projects taken up by Besten?

Besten specializes in industrial projects and takes only projects in the manufacturing sector. Currently, residential, institutional, hospitality & IT sector projects are not taken up by us. We also take a green field, brownfield, renovation, or even redesigning project.

What are the geographical locations served by Besten?

Besten serves clients in Pan India. Since there is a multitude of communication channels, distance is not a concern. Initially, our entire project team sits with all the stakeholders of the project and get all the inputs in one go. The detailed designing is subsequently done at one of our design centers.

Does Besten help in commercial negotiation for vendors of a project?

We believe that the commercial discussion is a Client’s prerogative. The client can rely on us to provide technical support.

What types of industries are served by Besten?

We provide our services to the industrial sector. As the client offers the process related inputs, the product manufactured by the client is not a criterion while taking up a project.

What is the fee that Besten charges for designing a factory?

Our fee depends entirely on the services requested by the client.

Do you provide rainwater harvesting for residential/ commercial/ industrial buildings?

Any project designed by us has an inbuilt rainwater harvesting system. A stand-alone Rain Water Harvesting System is done only on a case to case basis. Presently, we are serving only in the industrial sector.

What is the minimum level of service you provide?

The services provided by us depends on the client’s requirements. We prefer to offer the entire holistic package of design for an industrial project. However, we take up selected services in some projects depending on the requirement.

Are you registered with GST?

Yes, we are registered under GST.

Can you ensure my project is environmentally sustainable?

Yes, we incorporate environment-friendly concepts in the design itself as our commitment to reducing damage to the environment. We help clients in designing Green Rated Industries also.

How detailed are your drawings?

We ensure that the drawings are so detailed that during construction, the number of RFIs (Request for Information) from the Contractors are minimum.

What happens during our initial meeting?

We try to understand the requirements of the client. The first meeting after placing the order on us is invariably to understand your process and anticipate the bottlenecks and remove them.

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