Pre Design Services

The amount of money and time spent during this stage of the project will ultimately transform in to big savings realized during construction.Read More

Architectural Design

A typical project will be headed by an Architect or a Domain Specialist. He will be supported by a team of engineering specialists having different skill-sets which complements, and at times compete with each other.Read More

Structural Design

Theoretically, a structure is a system of connected parts used to support a load, and structural design is the application of fixed and repetitive mathematical formulae. In practice, it is not as simple as it seems.Read More

Civil Engineering Design

Modern civil engineering designs calls for immediate impact and long-term relevance to meet the twin challenges of change and growth.Read More

Electrical Engineering Design

Electrical design and consultation is a specialist job and a demanding profession which requires skills, domain expertise and adequate understanding of governing rules and regulations like IEC & IER etc.Read More

MEP Systems Design

When thoughtfully designed, mechanical utilities and services normally get unnoticed while providing security and comfort to the occupants of the building.Read More

Fire Protection Engineering

Loss of life and property due to fire has the potential to break a business. Therefore,fire protection strategies must go beyond the ‘minimum requirements’ specified in the codes and standards.Read More

Public Health Engineering

According to a latest survey, 40% of the estate management companies claim that the problems arising out of plumbing system failures is one of their major challenges.Read More

Building Service Engineering

Building services makes a building come to life and represent significant planning and cost factor of any project.Read More

Building Information Modelling

Building Information Modelling is all about creating a virtual prototype which will become a reference for design and construction.Read More

Procurement Management

A sound design needs to be supported with a sound procurement strategy in order to achieve project objectives in totality.Read More

Project Management

Project management is a high-impact, cost and time sensitive service which is critical to the success of every project.Read More

Contract Administration

Contract administration is at the core of any successful project and programme management strategy which requires significant design intent, intimate knowledge of the project and continued support throughout the project life cycle.Read More

Commercial Services

BESTEN assist commercial and industrial property owners by carrying out survey during acquisition, occupation and disposal of the property. Read More

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