Engineering Consultation

The project consulting starts with Besten and client work session, which is more of listening and questioning to ensure that the project is clearly defined and understood by the client and Besten. Intimate and in depth discussions between the Consultants from Besten and the Client is very essential to create projects of distinction and outstanding character.

It is very important at this point to share the needs, wishes, limitations and expectations of the client, understand the mission and ultimate goal of the project, design ideas, budget and timeline, project quality expectations etc associated with the project.

Vital information on various choices, factors which need to be considered and various opportunities and constraints is exchanged between the Consultants and the Client. Several factors like project type, project budget, approximate time line, site details, construction methods, special features etc will be discussed. All needs and expectation of the Client is prepared and documented at this stage.

Other Pre-Design Services

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