Electrical Engineering Design

Electricity has become one of the most essential requirements of daily life. Electrical design and consultation is a specialist job and a demanding profession which requires skills, domain expertise and adequate understanding of governing rules and regulations like IEC & IER etc.

An effective electrical design should be comprehensive to address various aspects like ease of construction, operational safety, management and maintenance.

Our project driven approach is reflected in our ability to analyse, and reconfigure the design components to meet the individual needs without compromising on aspects like protection from electrical shocks, fire or physical hazards due to electrical installations etc.

Our electrical design team coordinates with our Architects and other in house departments like civil design, structural design, plumbing, landscaping, office automation, and plant engineering to provide installations which is individualistic and suitable to the type of project.

Our electrical design team is a valuable resource to our clients to deliver outstanding designs and expert advice.

They closely work with our other design team on the same software platform to seamlessly integrate the electrical systems to the overall project system.

Broadly our electrical design services include the following:

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