Specialised in Commercial Dilapidation Surveys

Dilapidation surveys are detailed surveys carried out for the property components and systems down to minor wear and tear/staining to assess the condition of the property upon termination of a lease and provide a detailed schedule for reinstatement under the conditions of the lease. The report will compare the existing condition of the property with that recorded at the commencement of the lease and compute the financial exposure prior to termination of lease.

Dilapidation surveys are also carried out on adjacent properties and buildings prior to major excavation and piling work for a development or construction to avoid disputes on damages to the adjacent properties at a later stage of the construction project.

It is also carried prior to letting and terminating a contract and to validate the performance of contractors. The survey provides a detailed room by room assessment covering building fabric, mechanical and electrical services.

Dilapidations survey is also carried out to confirm whether maintenance contracts have been carried out as per the requirements of the contract and can also form a basis for negotiating maintenance contracts, once the actual condition of the property and systems is established.

Besten has the experience and expertise to provide comprehensive dilapidation surveys and can submit reports covering risk assessments, budget costs, digital photographs and prioritisation of remedial actions covering urgent, essential, desirable and routine works.

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