Conceptual Design

This is the first stage of any design process where ideas and client needs are transferred and blended in to design requirements.

This is an iterative process consisting of several stages of generation, exploration, evaluation and representation of various ideas and gradual convergence on a preferred solution.

Communication between client and team of Besten is essential at this stage. There are no set rules for this stage as the design process varies according to the project, designer and the client.

Architects from Besten and their team of designers start making sketches and scaled layouts to translate the ideas and concepts in to physical reality.

There is no defined end to the conceptual design activity as the final design is evolved step by step through the conceptual phase, carried forward to schematic design phase and up to final design.

However, at the end of the conceptual phase, every effort shall be made to narrow down on one or two final concepts based on which further design can progress. 

Other Pre-Design Services

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