Civil Engineering, also known as the mother of all engineering is the oldest and the most extensive branch of engineering which focuses on creating, improving, protecting and maintaining public works. It has always been an important aspect of the construction industry, especially in the current era. With lesser land, lesser resources and more expectations on the building, civil engineering is the need of the day.

Our Chennai based firm with civil engineering consultants constantly meets the rising demands in the industry.

Our engineers design highly integrated facilities where every detail is designed to provide the experience that the client demands. Our design solutions are highly reliable and efficient, and take into consideration the different outcomes in the dynamic world.

We provide Structural Design and Detailing services, which include the full range of land development services. Our multidisciplinary teams collaborate to design the infrastructure to enable, sustain and enhance the quality of the indoor environment. We use the latest technology to design innovative solutions that improve function and efficiency while having a long-term value.

Our team leverages past experience to provide resilient and elegant solutions and drive creative decisions early in the design process. We are dedicated to providing safe and sustainable solutions for our clients. Our civil structural design services are inclusive of planning, designing and supervising as the project comes to life.

We provide Civil Engineering Design Services which are innovative, sustainable, efficient and holistic design solutions for all our projects.

As a fully integrated design firm, our landscape and site designs are linked to the building envelope and the engineering systems as a holistic package. We use our experience and skills to understand the needs of the clients, envisioning the goals that the building will need to achieve and develop a language for the quality of the space that responds to the needs of the user. We take into consideration all the spaces and interior-exterior connections while designing the movement of people and vehicles in the project.

We take on projects of different scales, and our team cuts through all complexities to deliver outcomes that are transformational. Our technical expertise is supported by our outstanding quality, environmentally sound design decisions and safety processes. We have the capability to provide consistent and high-quality engineering which is durable, sustainable and aesthetically pleasing.

Our team is always updated with the newest technology and practices, and use this knowledge while providing designs to our clients. We are always updating ourselves, by being active in professional organizations and keeping in touch with the latest software.

Our focus on building long-term client relationships is backed by our vast and diverse technical knowledge base. Our personal service is unmatched and we deliver solutions that are designed to be functional and aesthetically pleasing. Our core values and superior quality engineering guide our commitment to a cost-conscious and environmentally sound solution.

Broadly, our civil engineering design services cover the following

● Infrastructure Design ● Land Development ● Roads and Pavements ● Erosion Control Plans ● Retention ponds ● Detention Ponds ● Drainage and Flood Control Systems ● I-Walls ● T-walls ● Dyke walls ● Earthen Levees ● Structural Levees ● Water Resources Development ● Water Well Design ● Above & Below Ground Storage Tank Design ● Pumping Stations ● Water Distribution Systems ● Rain Water Harvest Systems ● Plumbing and Sanitation Design ● Sewer Mains and Sewage Handling Systems

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