Civil Engineering Design & Consultancy

Civil Engineering, also known as mother of all engineering is the oldest and the most extensive branch of engineering which focuses on creating, improving, protecting and maintaining public works.

In the modern society, civil engineering infrastructure has become the most critical component of any project due to the complex interactions between increasing investment requirements, reducing land availability, varied stake holder expectations, increasing risk, controlling and minimizing environmental impacts, increasing regulatory compliance requirements etc.

Efficient use of resources, better and faster construction methods, value engineering concepts, minimum environmental impact, faster revenue generation etc are common themes of project discussions which present their own unique demands and challenges.

Infrastructure Development, Water Management, Rainwater Harvesting, Solid Waste Management Design & Consultancy

Modern civil engineering designs calls for immediate impact and long-term relevance to meet the twin challenges of change and growth.

Our civil engineering specialists meet all the above challenges, to design and plan diverse portfolio from site development, grading, transport infrastructure, drainage, flood control, erosion control, water systems, waste management etc.

They work to exacting specifications, coordinate with diverse domain specialists and apply the best practices of the industry in their quest to realise the stake holder goals.

Broadly, our civil engineering design services cover the following

● Infrastructure Design ● Land Development ● Roads and Pavements ● Erosion Control Plans ● Retention ponds ● Detention Ponds ● Drainage and Flood Control Systems ● I-Walls ● T-walls ● Dyke walls ● Earthen Levees ● Structural Levees ● Water Resources Development ● Water Well Design ● Above & Below Ground Storage Tank Design ● Pumping Stations ● Water Distribution Systems ● Rain Water Harvest Systems ● Plumbing and Sanitation Design ● Sewer Mains and Sewage Handling Systems

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