Appropriate Surveys on Quality of Commercial Building

Building Surveys which are also described as Structural Surveys are a kind of health check up for the buildings.

It is the most thorough property inspection which will provide a professional, detailed and unbiased evaluation of the overall condition of a property. It also provides details that will help in taking an informed decision before buying or selling a property.

Building surveys are recommended for old buildings or properties that are constructed without professional design, which are drastically modified or is planned for major modification.

The age of the property is no guarantee for being in good health. A well maintained older building may be some times better in health than modern buildings with significant structural issues.

Building Surveys can uncover underlying faults and has the potential to avoid unpleasant surprises.

Our Building surveyors are trained and experienced to carryout surveys on almost all kinds of civil and steel structures.

The structural survey generally includes:

  • Checking the availability of original plan and structural drawing of the building with the present condition. No structural analysis will be carried out.
  • Visual inspection of the structure from ground to roof without opening up the structural fabric of the building. Report will be prepared based on whatever is visible.
  • Detailing out faults in the structure and preparation of estimate for repair.
  • Damp testing of the building to check the adequacy of damp proofing measures of the building.
  • Assessment of the wood work and other joinery work. Checking for signs of rot, wood worm, termites etc.
  • Visual inspection of plumbing and sanitation components. Testing in not envisaged. Testing wherever found necessary will be recommended in the report.
  • Sewers and manholes will be opened and visually inspected. Any testing if found necessary shall be recommended in the report.
  • Approximate value of repairs and rehabilitation work required shall be provided in the report.
  • Suggestion for any further investigation shall also be provided in the report.

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