Building services make a building come to life and represent significant planning and cost factor of any project. With projects becoming more and more complex and the energy and water costs increasing day by day, sustainable design and cost control is on top of regulatory and corporate agenda. Moreover, they influence a building’s architecture – its facade as well as the interior spaces.

We are Building Services Consultants, from Chennai, known for our comfortable, functional, efficient and safe designs.

We provide an integrated design which meets budget, time and sustainability. We have integrated our capabilities of building design, mechanical, electrical and public health engineering on a common 3D platform and digitally collaborate to deliver projects of outstanding character.

We have a team of professional building service engineers providing innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

Our team looks into all the systems that are needed in a building and provide a solution tailored for your project. The maintenance of services in commercial and industrial buildings are taken into consideration while designing the service systems. We approach the problem by conducting advanced analysis to provide you with sustainable and economical industry-leading systems. Our engineers bring to the table fresh thinking and alternative solutions to support the projects extraordinarily well. Most of our building services engineers have previously worked with contracting and estate management companies before moving into design and are fully aware of the practical requirements of the projects they help to create.

Our building services might include the following

  • Energy Supply – Electricity, Fuel, Renewable Energy
  • Energy Distribution
  • Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning
  • Water, Drainage and Plumbing
  • Escalators & Lifts
  • BMS and Controls
  • Electrical Services including Lighting
  • Voice Data and security Networking Systems
  • Fire Risk Management Systems
  • Lightning Protection
  • Emergency Power Systems
  • Facade Engineering

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Glimpses of Few of Our Projects