Building Information Modelling is all about creating a virtual prototype which will become a reference for design and construction. This will increase the design performance drastically and provide for a better collaboration between designers of different disciplines and between design and construction teams due to the shared resources and efforts. Various scenarios could be easily created based on which informed decisions could be made and the best scenarios adopted.

Other benefits are increased cost efficiency, more informed decisions from clients due to the visual presentation of the 3D model, less change orders due to early collision detection during design process etc. as all details related to the building can be viewed by all team members at one location.

We are a team of highly qualified professionals, providing building information modelling services for our projects.

Our roots are firm on the technical delivery of the project as a holistic entity. We realised that digital collaboration will redefine the way projects are designed, managed and constructed. Hence, long back we have left behind the 2D platforms for design and collaboration and moved to 3D platforms for designing the complete project.

The 3D platforms have helped us tremendously to design more efficiently, improve project performance, and collaborate more effectively.

The result is designing with a “Holistic Project” approach and is instrumental in exceeding user requirements in terms of design optimisation, high water and energy efficiency, fire risk management and sustainability. The human-centric design ensures that the spaces of the building are tailored to meet the needs of the clients and the users.

We are BIM Consultants, using a bundled 3D platform to carry out our Design Services.

We provide modelling for Architectural design, Structural design, Structural Detailing, Rendering, MEP services and digital collaboration. The entire design team, irrespective of their working discipline use the same application package and 3D model to ensure that all design decisions are considered together, collaborated and integrated seamlessly as a whole project. The changes at a future date become easy and revision of any part of the model is reflected across all disciplines. Any fouling could be detected immediately and corrective actions could be taken at the design stage so that there are no fouling issues of various project components at the site. Our team provides digital design services that are cutting-edge and economical.

We have employed this approach successfully for many years and Building Information Modelling (BIM) has become an automatic outcome of our design process. We have a successful record in delivering all model related applications including Architectural, Civil, Structural, & MEP.

Running in parallel with the architectural & structural team, our utilities and services design team employ BIM to integrate all services from conceptualisation to construction and operation to provide predictability, scenario development and construction management. The most important takeaway from this process the Early Cost Certainty of the project.

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