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Modern industrial projects are advanced technology facilities presenting deceptively complex design and engineering challenges to Architects, Engineers, Designers & Consultants. These projects are extremely varied and require specialist architects and engineers who understand the industrial process to ensure that the facility designed will support production efficiency, functionality, durability, safety and flexibility for long-term relevance.

We are Industrial Architects, located in Bangalore, providing high-quality designs for commercial and industrial projects

We are a full-service industrial design company providing architectural, structural, MEP Design Services and IBMS services for industrial manufacturing projects under one roof.

Our design, detailed engineering and procurement support services are specific to the industrial manufacturing sector. Our monolithic design approach considers the project as a whole, divide it into various independent micro-services interdependent on each other and use 3D models to ensure interdisciplinary coordination and smooth delivery of dozens of independent but interdependent buildings and services.

We provide optimized design solutions which are aesthetically pleasing and engineered for targeted manufacturing, flexible layouts and a safe work environment.

We are a full-service industrial architecture firm who provide efficient, environment-friendly and innovative design solutions

We prepare complete design and detailed engineering drawings and documents, technical specification, technical and commercial bids for the project, evaluate contractor bids and coordinate with the project team of the client and the PMC to ensure that the outcome is in conformance with the design.

In effect, we are an integral part of the success stories of many industrial projects. We are BESTEN

Besten | Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Pune, Kochi

Glimpses of Few of Our Projects