Pre Design Services

Pre Design is the most vital phase in industrial building construction. It is in this phase the client, the industrial architects in Bangalore Read More

Architectural Design

Achieve your architectural goals through well laid plans and flawless design. At Besten, we understand the importance of architecture industrial design and take all the effort to complete Read More

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering and design is all about conception, analysis and assemblies. Complex projects cannot do without professional structural engineer in Bangalore. Read More

Civil Engineering Design

Welcome to the world of civil engineering design and consultancy. We offer professional design services to a variety of markets like land planning, residential units, Read More

Electrical Engineering Design

Our electrical engineering design services gives life to your new industrial projects. We cater to power, safety systems, lighting and more.Read More

MEP Systems Design

We offer comprehensive Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing (MEP) design and consultancy services with a goal of high quality standards.  Read More

Fire Protection Engineering

Our defensive fire protection design and eliminate the threat of life and property. Fire protection System consulting is a complex task as the designing has to meet occupancy classification. Read More

Public Health Engineering

We are a recognized public health engineering consultancy offering waste management and environmental friendly services. Read More

Building Service Engineering

Besten, Building Service Engineers offer a comprehensive construction consultancy services. Our specialty includes offering sustainable solutions with low carbon footprints. Read More

Building Information Modelling

BIM has different perception for different businesses. We are an established name in the BIM BIM Bangalore division providing modeling support to engineers, contractors, Read More

Procurement Management

Having the effective procurement management policy in place can plug any delays in the site. For this proper planning and execution is vital. We at Besten, take all necessary steps to enforce a strong procurement Read More

Project Management

Besten project and Programme management team is well equipped to respond to the clients business needs. Our team of versatile, client focused professional structural engineersRead More

Contract Administration

Besten provides comprehensive contract administration services to commercial and residential clients. Our team of industrial design architecture experts come Read More

Commercial Services

Besten comes with years of experience behind commercial services. We are more than just commercial contractors offering sound advice on varied disciplines. Read More

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We are BESTEN. We are national leaders in Integrated Architectural & Engineering Design of Advanced Industrial Projects.

ballModern industrial projects are advanced technology facilities presenting deceptively complex design and engineering challenges to Architects, Engineers, Designers & Consultants. These projects are extremely varied, and require specialist architects and engineers who understand the industrial process to ensure that the facility designed will support production efficiency, functionality, durability, safety and long term relevance.

We are a multidisciplinary team of Architects, Engineers, Designers & Consultants specialised in providing Holistic Design, Detailed Engineering and Project Management Services for Industrial Projects.

At the forefront of our industrial building design practice is the realisation that the requirements of industrial projects are dominated by ever changing modern manufacturing technologies, equipment and process, and therefore require very specialized and focussed design and project management methodologies.

Our team fully understand the complexity and special requirements of industrial projects, consider all technical factors together, integrate architectural and engineering solutions to create projects which will support high production volumes, heavy equipment and services, flexible layouts and safe operating environment.


Whole Project Design through Integrated Design & Team Process for Industrial Projects

content-image-for-bangalore-2Our monolithic design approach consider the project as a whole, divide it into various independent micro services interdependent on each other and use 3D models to ensure interdisciplinary coordination and smooth delivery of dozens of independent but interdependent buildings and services.

We prepare technical specification and bids for the project, evaluate contractor bids and carryout contract administration to ensure that the outcome is in conformance with design.

In effect, we are the right design company to integrate architecture and engineering solutions for the success of your industrial projects.

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Glimpses of Few of Our Projects