Architectural Design

Each Project is Unique

All projects are made of brick, mortar and steel. At the same time, each project is unique and has distinct personality as a human being. This is accomplished by the Architects through imagination and is influenced by site, culture, community aesthetics etc.

Creative Leadership

Architects are specifically trained for planning, designing, providing consulting services and imaginative creation of space. Their education, training and experience enable them to see through the smoke screen and see the big picture.

Creative team of Besten consists of Architects having diverse array of experience and expertise. With their multitude of skills, we strive to create economical, functional and relevant projects embodying both beauty and form.

Our Architects provide the creative leadership in planning and designing all projects handled by us.

Engineering Design Support

Our roots are firm on technical delivery of each project. By providing advisory and engineering support services to our Architects using a team of engineering specialists from other in house departments like Civil, Structural, Electrical, Mechanical and Building Services, we are able deliver more value for each project.

Project Team

A well balanced project team requires different skill-sets which complements and at times compete with each other from conception to completion of a project. Their motivation is client satisfaction and the result is a project designed and implemented with pride and satisfaction. A typical project team will be headed by an Architect or a Domain Specialist and have representation from each department depending on the size and type of the project.

Collaboration with Clients

Since projects, like people are dynamic in nature, collaboration with clients is of utmost importance. Site conditions, construction logistics, client needs, culture, community aesthetics, all affect projects, clients and the Architects. We collaborate with our clients and end users and encourage them to actively get involved in defining the project requirements, so that appropriate design solutions are created based on their needs.

Project Development Tools

Since collaboration and an intimate understanding of the project throughout the design process is the key to the success of every project, proper documentation of each step is essential. We extensively use project development tools like Project Development Questionnaires, Interviews with end users, User Requirement Specifications (URS), Architects and Client work sessions, Pre-Engineering Documents and Drawings etc to define a project with considerable accuracy from the start.

Broadly our Architectural Design Team is entrusted with the following functions:

● Creative Leadership ● Design Development ● Conceptual Design and Planning ● Facility Design ● Space Planning ● Layout Design ● Urban Planning ● Exterior and Interior Design ● Lighting and Colour Schemes ● Landscape Design ● Perspective Views ● 3D modelling ● Walkthrough

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