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Welcome to the world of Besten – a team of highly qualified Architects & Engineers for Industrial Projects in Chennai

We are Architects, Engineers, Designers, Planners and Project Managers providing Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement Support, Construction Project Management and Post Occupancy Evaluation Services for Industrial and Infrastructure Projects. We are a specialist team of Architects & Engineers for Industrial Projects – Chennai.

We have the resources, knowledge, and experience of industrial operations to assist in developing the most basic ideas into workable designs, assess alternatives, understand the impact of these alternatives and provide comprehensive design solutions for projects entrusted to us.

We provide design, detailed engineering, procurement support, and construction project management services for a variety of industrial projects having diverse portfolios, thus have the in-depth knowledge base to pull from, to meet the specific needs of individual projects.

Our expertise in providing sustainable, modern and effective solutions for commercial and industrial projects – in Distribution & Logistics, Energy & Waste, Transport, Manufacturing and the Food & Drink industry – makes us the world’s best architects.

We, an Industrial Architecture Firm, specialize in Design, Detailed Engineering, Procurement Support and Project Management Consultancy.

We have established world-class design centres and offices in Chennai, Bangalore, Pune, Hyderabad & Kochi to provide our services for industrial & infrastructure buildings all over India.

Our precise construction project management skills, experience, and project management software ensure timely and cost-effective implementation of Industrial and Infrastructure Projects.

We believe that every project is unique, every situation an opportunity to find solutions, and are committed to providing our clients with specific and standout designs for each project. Our team of creative professionals is known for delivering successful, high-quality, contemporary designs. Ours is a full-service architecture firm providing architectural solutions that are innovative, environmentally conscious, and budget-friendly.

Professionally, we are a team of aggressive thinkers, creative innovators, flexible, knowledgeable, and enthusiastic, with a dash of entrepreneurship in each of us. Ours is an ever-learning organization with an attitude of perpetual quality improvement in all aspects of work.

Finally, Our Assurance Policy – That any project, once undertaken by us, gets enough time and patience it deserves and will not suffer for lack of interest, lack of time, lack of effort, and lack of knowledge. Read more

In effect, we are a critical component for the success of your project.

We are Besten | We are a specialist team of Industrial Architects and Consultants in Chennai

Glimpses of Few of Our Projects